About Us

is the main back rub place in Dubai for spa medicines, and we give proficient back rub treatment. We have an accomplished group of local Thai back rub specialists who are profoundly talented in directing a loosening up rub which will revive your brain and body simultaneously.

Our spa offers outlandish back rubs like the Hot Stone Massage alongside customary strategies like the Thai back rub and Body knead. In the event that you are having an unpleasant day at work or have recently gotten back from a long excursion, a back rub is the most effective way to loosen up and unwind. It is notable that getting a back rub can assist with expanding the creation of delight inciting neurotoxins in the human mind. The pressure chemical cortisol is likewise diminished by a critical sum when you have a back rub.

At , you can get amazing back rubs like the Deep Tissue Massage which is great assuming you have ongoing agony. To enjoy an astonishing encounter, then, at that point, partake in a couple knead at our spa. This specific back rub will allow you an opportunity to interface with your cherished one and return to pleasurable recollections together. For an extreme sensation, you should attempt the four hands knead where two specialists will rub you simultaneously.

If you want a luxurious massage in Dubai performed by certified Thai massage therapists from countries like Thailand, China, Africa, and India, then contact us on 971 52 685 9882. We are located at the Al Rams Rd &Gulf Cinema BurDubai, Dubai,. This is your chance to gift someone you love or treat yourself with the indulgence of a spectacular massage.